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Welcome to the Master Roulette side!

Many have tried, many have played and unfortunately many have lost! The fascination of roulette pulled many into its spell - player, industrielle, worker or mathematical genius, could not extract themselves from the nearly magic fascination of the roulette ball. Naturally - there are also the winners - rarely however there are it nevertheless. What differentiates between now thus the winners and the losers?

Of course at the conclusion only the capital. The substantial differences are however already present during the playing phase:

Loser Winners
sad smiley rules unknown rules admits happy smiley
sad smiley unmethodical playing play with system happy smiley
sad smiley insufficient capital sufficient capital happy smiley
sad smiley no luck luck happy smiley

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New programmed systems available!

This site cannot offer luck or sufficient capital to you, these sides would like the roulette excited or/and the beginner into the position to play perhaps better the roulette game - speak with profit.

To play roulette successfully as first the basic knowledge is absolutely necessary. Under basic knowledge i understand the possibility of settings like Plein, Cheval, Carrè etc.. But also the terms around the roulette wheel and the differences between the play tables should be known..

The experience showed that roulette gambler (system players) play after a certain system over a longer time rather positively cut off than roulette gambler simply after feeling play. For a successful development of some roulette system it is also necessary to know the rules and laws of the roulette.

If you have now a system developed or bought, it is importantly with the help of more suitably roulette software (or by hand) to examine and test the system. Such a test knows and should done with original permanenzen, the results with generated random numbers is not meaningful. Exactly for this purpose the software Master Roulette was developed. With the roulette simulations software Master Roulette you can develop your own systems (with a roulette specific script language) and test this system systematically. System examples and demos can be downloaded free of charge for the Master Roulette System version.

For suggestions, desires or complaints send a simply Mail to me mail to. Of course all Mails is strictly confidentially treated.

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